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Spring 2021: Whisky’s Hidden Gems

Expand your horizons beyond the familiar favorites in this issue dedicated to the whisky world’s hidden treasures. Start in Scotland with ten of Whisky Advocate’s favorite undersung single malts, from distilleries that are sometimes so far off the beaten path you’ll need an atlas to find them. Then travel to the Nordic countries, where inventive distillers have been quietly making […]


It’s a week of oddities as four contrasting indie bottlings from Adelphi meet the two latest editions in Irish Distillers’ experimental Method and Madness range. Becky Paskin starts us off in Speyside with the first of the four Adelphis and a meaty, Sherried, 13-year-old Benrinnes that offers a lesson in balancing distillery character with maturation, with its sticky yet fruity character. […]

Famous Drug Addicts in History: Writers and Artists That Battled Addiction

20.6 million Americans struggle with dependency issues. Many of them are famous artists and creatives. Some people erroneously believe that there are is a link between creativity and addiction, however, that isn’t the case. Instead, there is often a link to the type of people who are more susceptible to become addicts. That’s largely why a recent Scientific American article states that so […]

How to Choose the Best Type of Bong

If you live in the U.S., chances are high that you’ve smoked weed at least once. More than half of adults in the country have tried marijuana. And if you like its effects, the growing (pun intended) legalization movement makes it easier than ever to become a regular user. But one challenge regular weed users face is this: what’s the best way to consume marijuana? […]