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Best Wine Picks for Summer Soirées

Originally posted on https://champagneliving.net/best-wine-picks-for-summer-soirees/ So summer is in full swing, the season of pure indulgence! It’s high time to relax in the sun for some much needed holiday times with our loved ones. Summer is the ideal time for everything from bike rides to swimming in lakes, exploring new parts of the world or simply catching some rays in the garden […]

Amore Ristorante Wins Award of Excellence by Gaja Wine Ambassador

Originally posted on https://www.michellereedphotography.com/blog/amore-ristorante-wins-award-of-excellence-by-gaja-wine-ambassador   I was contacted by The Somm Journal’s Executive Editor, David Gadd to photograph the owner ofAmore Ristorante, Stefano Ljikovic. ​The Somm Journal was featuring Stefano in their bi-monthly magazine. ​The SOMM Journal’s editorial board is comprised of internationally-renowned wine writers, sommeliers and authorities, including Anthony Dias Blue as Editor-in-Chief, David Gadd as Executive Editor, and a team of top wine […]

What to Eat With Wine: 11 Fantastic Options

Originally Posted On: https://www.niagaravintagewinetours.com/what-to-eat-with-wine-11-fantastic-options/ Did you know that humans have been making wine for over 8,000 years? Since we’ve had such a long time to perfect the craft, it’s no wonder why so many people love treating themselves to a nice glass of wine. Do you want to learn what to eat with wine to make your leisure time even more luxurious? […]


Originally Posted On: https://networthbox.com/is-it-cool-to-serve-wine-coolers-a-hostess-guide-to-serving-pre-mixed-drinks/ Is the Claw the Law? Think again! Even though everyone is drinking hard seltzer, the wine cooler is making a comeback. The wine cooler comeback is worth noting, especially if you’re throwing a party soon. Does this mean you should serve wine coolers at your party? Here are the rules of serving wine coolers. WINE-BASED VS MALT-BASED You […]

Hold Your Next Business or Family Event at a Finger Lakes Winery

Photo From Mileswinecellars Originally Posted On: http://mileswinecellars.com/2020/02/hold-your-next-business-or-family-event-at-a-finger-lakes-winery/ It can be difficult finding the perfect location for family events, corporate events, and business meetings. Oftentimes, event planners feel pressured to pick the most perfect place possible, with lots of activities, a fun and relaxing environment, a classy and respectable atmosphere, and all the amenities one might need. If you haven’t thought about it […]

How to Invest in Wine: The Basics Explained

Photo from Adobe Stock Originally Posted On: How to Invest in Wine: The Basics Explained (vint.co)   Did you know that you can invest in wine? For those looking for exciting and profitable investment opportunities, wine can be a great option. To learn more about investing in wine, keep reading. We’ll let you know how you can invest in wine, as well […]

What Are the Best Wine Stocks to Buy Right Now?

Photo from Pexels Originally Posted On: What Are the Best Wine Stocks to Buy Right Now? (vint.co)   After careful consideration, you’ve decided to jump into the world of stocks. Or maybe you’re looking to extend your stock investments into a new market sector. Where can your hard-earned cash be invested? Across the worlds’ wine stocks, of course. But why wine? Global […]